Member Directory

Gary Stockdale is a semi-retired real estate agent now living on Maui in Hawaii. He has spent most of his life living in the tropics including stints in Guam, the Marshall Islands and New Caledonia. He enjoys fishing, camping and gardening in his spare time and is a keen photographer. He writes for US lifestyle publications on tropical living.

Teresa Marshall has an interior decor consultancy in Belize. She has lived in Central America and the Caribbean for most of her adult life and has worked for architects in Panama and Costa Rica. Originally from Florida, she enjoys tropical living and helping people to decorate their homes in a style that is compatible with their environment.

Russell Fox is an avid expat gardener living in Langkawi, Malaysia, where he grows organic vegetables, tropical fruits and raising ornamental fish for garden fishponds. He has a small vermiculture setup producing compost for his vegetable garden.

David Astley is a travel writer who has established gardens in tropical Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. He currently lives in Thailand. He's authored several books on tropical gardening and was host of the weekly television program 'Darwin Gardener'.

Donna enjoys creating dishes from local ingredients. She has lived in tropical Australia for most of her life but is now learning new culinary skills in Malaysia where she is working on a vegan cookbook of recipes using Asian vegetables and herbs.