Bold Tropical Makeup Trends to Try

Caucasian model with bright crimson lipstick and headband posing against a backdrop of palm leaves.
Image: © Victoria Chudinova

Are there any makeup trends that are unique to tropical countries? Indeed there are. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in the tropics, I can tell you that tropical climate-inspired makeup looks are gaining popularity on social media these days, and people are becoming more interested in learning how to recreate these looks on their own.

Tropical countries are known for their bright colours and bold patterns, and makeup trends are no exception. Makeup is a powerful tool for women living in tropical regions. From bold lipstick to bright eyeshadows, makeup is a way to stand out and make a statement. Not only does it enhance one’s features, but it also serves as a form of self-expression and empowerment.


Vibrant tropical-inspired eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, and glittering jewel tones have been dominating the makeup world globally. This season, minimalistic looks are popular on the runway, with a focus on bold eye and lip colours to achieve a tropical, fashionable aesthetic.

Inspired by the latest tropical trends, various cosmetic brands have launched lip crayons in fun pop colours like aqua, orange, and neon. Having said that, focusing on the use of natural and organic makeup products to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion is also an integral aspect of a beauty regime in hot and humid weather.

Caribbean bikini-clad woman posing in front of yellow shutters with brightly coloured make-up and necklace.
Image: © Nina Malyna

Makeup is a way for people to experiment with different aspects of their character to express their individuality. Being a tropical girl, personally I prefer audacious, vivacious, and colourful makeup styles. It is like exuding those ‘creative vibes’ through your personality. Whether you are one for glimmer or looking for something more marginal, check out these ultimate hot weather makeup trends to stay ahead in the game:

The Glitter Glow

Want to get that ‘sun-kissed look’- the latest beauty craze from the tropics? Just blend your bronzer with a gold highlighter – it is that easy. Jewel tones such as gold and silver, whether used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, or around the face as a bronzer help create that distinct imaginative look.

Young Asian woman with eyes closed with powder bronzer makeup and gold highlighter on cheekbones.
Image: Min An

Apply a light layer of a matte, sweat-proof foundation with the help of a damp makeup sponge to make your skin shine through. Dab a powder bronzer (one or two shades darker than your skin tone) along with a gold highlighter over your cheekbones, and that is all! This technique helps you achieve a natural, sun-kissed look, perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town.

Tropical Inspired Eyes

From vibrant eye shadows to waterproof bold eyeliners, flashy eye makeup is something that you cannot afford to miss in the tropics. Pops of retro, neon, reds, yellows, rich aquamarine greens, and lilacs, are all back with a bang. Such hues are perfect for creating a tropical-inspired look and at the same time are a great way to add some excitement and friskiness to your daily makeup routine

Bright Matte Lip Colours

Bright and bold matte lip colours are a must-have for hot weather. From electric pinks, fuchsia, and orange, to those hot sunset shades, tropical countries are known for their use of the most fun, zesty lip shades that complement the sunny climate.

Smiling Asian woman with crimson retro matte lipstick.
Image: Min An

Having lived in the tropics all my life, I have always opted for matte lipsticks or truly effortless tinted lip oils over those shimmer and liquid ones. Matte lipstick formulas are perfect for humid tropical weather as they are usually sweat-proof, and long-wear, and applying them never feels like a mistake.

Negative Space Eyeliner

One of the most popular makeup trends in the tropics, negative space eyeliner is all about getting the core of the eye makeup without feeling in excess of the same. This skill is as simple as portraying outlines in the crease of the lids or even just outlining the frameworks of the cat eye. Pull a line from the external corner of your eye over the crease and halt just above the iris. The key is to dispense a segment of your eyelid completely makeup free.

Closeup of a woman's eye area showing negative eyeline technique.
Image: Cottonbro Studio

You can play mainly with a pencil and then repeat the steps with the help of waterproof liquid eyeliner. So, all you girls out there who are not convinced of this vibrant eyeshadow tropical trend, try negative space eyeliner for that unconventional, offbeat, and kind of retro outcome.

Fun Colour Lashes

Colour lashes are just perfect for tropical weather lovers and are a stress-free way to indulge in a little tint drama during those hot and humid days. Colour lashes in vigorous and dynamic hues like red, purple, yellow, or cobalt blue are just perfect for creating that sultry appearance without overdoing the whole makeup look. All you need is a moisturizer to make them stick.

Keep it Natural

On a typical hot day in tropical regions, the foundation will sweat off your face in no time at all, and you will need more and more facial wipes every hour. Therefore, keeping it natural or following a minimal makeup routine is the key to surviving humid weather. Focusing on skincare to achieve healthy and glowing skin is the primary step.

Young Asian woman with long black hair and minimal makeup looking into camera.
Image: Min An

Moreover, using sunscreen, and exfoliating regularly is also very important. A clean and clear complexion is totally in vogue and the only tint coming from pops of bright eyeshadows or vibrant lip colours is a key trend in the tropics.

Use of Sustainable Products

In addition to natural and glowing skin, tropical countries are also known for their emphasis on sustainability. The use of natural, organic beauty products allows the skin to breathe and look its best as they offer nourishing ingredients, antioxidants, and vitamins to the skin. Always remember, tropical beauty trends are all about creating that good-looking, happier, and fearless appearance with no makeup yet makeup gaze.

Interesting and lively makeup trends of the tropics are all about embracing bright and bold colours along with a focus on natural and glowing skin. So, all my divas, if you are looking to add some tropical flair to your everyday look, these makeup trends are sure to make you stand out. Go ahead and play around with these latest hot weather makeup trends and let your inner tropical goddess shine!



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