Tropical Fashion: Interesting, Inspired and Innovative

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The other day, I was watching this popular fashion reality show on Netflix where talented contestants from all around the world were competing to become the next ‘big thing’ in fashion. The make-or-break competition show included guest judge appearances by fashion stalwarts like Tommy Hilfiger, Instagram’s Eva Chen, and renowned Asian designer Prabal Gurung.

From prints, patterns, colors to contemporary silhouettes, the latest style trends from the tropics were being discussed on the show. Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger from India, it feels great to see the upturn of tropical trends on the fashion forefront globally – especially those from Asia


From various social network channels to mainstream media, people are talking about tropical Asian fashion trends these days, not just in terms of haute couture, but to the middle class as well. Well… why not!  From eco-friendly designs to workmanship, availability to exclusivity, you will find all in sartorial fashion from this province.

The Latest Tropical Asian Fashion Trends

Acknowledged for cultural and ethnic assortment, tropical Asian fashion has always been on the radar for its ground-breaking and unusual trends. Diverse cultures have been molded into an enormous gamut of Southeast Asian influences, making it one of the most stimulating fashion arenas worldwide.

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Distinct geography, colonial history, and trade routes play an important role in the variances found between the latest style and trends in each country. Moreover, the warm weather all around the year affects the clothing styles and preferences making it all fascinating. Over the past decade, tropical Asian fashion has gained ‘cult status’ making its mark in the Western countries as well.

The popular fashion trends of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines have become dominant. Moreover, due to massive consumer demand, the tropical Asian fashion market is developing immensely.

Fashion trends in hot-humid tropics are all about sustainability, minimalism yet contemporary clothing. Such trends are effortlessly summery and easy to integrate in your day-to-day closet. There are various reasons to go ‘ga-ga’ over these trends. Here I have listed eight latest tropical Asian fashion trends to keep you ahead of the times. Keep scrolling.

1. Casual and Bohemian Style

Funky bohemian dressing is the best way to express the carefree, wild spirit of tropical Asian fashion. Also known as ‘boho chic’ the style mainly includes hippie-inspired motifs, natural fabrics, and both warm and cool color palettes.

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The other elements which incorporate Bohemian fashion are rustic and ethnic prints, loose silhouettes, mixed embroideries, off-shoulder designs, and cuts. The perfect warm weather and cultural diversity of the tropics make the boho look an alluring tropical Asian fashion trend.

It’s a style that is popular not only for its look but also its practicality. Long free-flowing dresses are just as comfortable to wear in the hot tropics as short dresses if the fabric is light, and they provide sun protection for the legs on days where you may be spending a lot of time in the sun.

Boho chic fashion has become popular at beach resorts along with tropical prints, and Bohemian dresses are especially popular for resort dinner wear.

2. Tropical Prints

Talking about tropical prints, this year they’ve been one of the most popular trends featured on fashion runways. From apparel to accessories, you will find high summer, cheerful Hawaiian nature-inspired graphic prints like floral, exotic beaches, forests, islands, birds, animal prints in an excessive burst of hues almost everywhere.

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Try wearing a single tropical print piece from head to toe for that bold look or break the monotony and combine tropical prints with solid colors to ace this native trend. You can also go for idealistic and abstract motifs in bright colors for more of a contemporary touch. It is all about creating a lively and summer look.

3. Bright & Vibrant Colors

When it comes to fashion trends from tropical regions, how can we not talk about bright colors? From vibrant orange, pink, blue, purple, green, red to neutral black-white and pastels; a perfect tropical wardrobe is all about a splash of colors and those joyful vibes.

After all, a cheerful yellow summer dress with a lime-green neck scarf is all you need to get into that happy holiday mood.

4. Fashion Meets Comfort

In the tropics, fashion is mainly considered as a means of self-expression. Tropical Asian fashion is all about looking stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Ideas for easy outfits mainly include basic fashion staples like shorts, jumpsuits, skirts, crop tops, classic t-shirts, rompers and maxi dresses in light and breathable natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

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People in the tropics, usually consider various effortless styling ideas for such quintessential staples. For example, cotton shorts with a layered mesh top can make a perfect holiday outfit. Similarly, a bright-colored floral maxi dress is an impeccable choice for that ‘avant-garde’ look. Moreover, ‘off-the-shoulder’ is the flawless trend to enjoy that glamorous dinner date with all the flamboyance.

5. The Crochet Code

With more focus on ‘slow fashion model’ and ‘sustainability’, the crochet trend from the Asian tropics has been rampant on fashion runway shows this season. From Stella McCartney to Michael Kors, this ‘vintage trend’ has inspired many high-end fashion labels.

Varying from crochet-knit dresses, tops to eco-friendly handcrafted bags, the crochet weaving technique is versatile and is primarily done through single hook weaving of yarn loops. The most common yarns being used are cotton and recycled silk.  With chic crochet trending on the high-fashion scene globally, we have one more reason to be embracing this trend in the tropics.

6. Love For Lace

Tropical Asian fashion emphasizes merging retro features with contemporary designs. It has put lace on fashion vanguard in artistic ways, making it a splendid fashion trend. Whether it is a beautiful lace skirt to run every day errands or a solid-colored lace dress for a date night, lace stylized outfit ideas are comfortable to wear, look graceful, and represent tropical vibes impeccably.

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Think of that lacy ocean breeze-inspired summer dress in floral patterns, just perfect to evoke that romanticism. Accessories like sneakers or handbags with lace trimmings are also getting popular among fashionistas. It seems lace is one of the biggest new tropical Asian fashion trends, and is here to stay.

7. Power Statement Neon Dresses

When it comes to influential fashion trends from tropical Asia, neon shades have always been the game-changer. Neon dresses and the hot tropics are interrelated. Multicultural tropical Asian fashion is incomplete without having neon brights in the closet. After all, people in the tropics know how to wear this ‘too-dazzling-to-stare-at shade’ perfectly. Ranging from fluorescent greens, yellows to purples and pink; you will find practically all of the prevailing lively shades in tropical fashion.

From dresses to accessories like shoes, bags, and hats neon has all of a sudden become a craze in the fashion industry. Moreover, various fashion houses including Versace and Prada have presented their debut neon collections on the runway this season.

8. Sustainability

Last but not the least, tropical Asian trends promote sustainable fashion and many designers are relying on eco-friendly, recyclable materials to create the latest fashions without compromising on the style factor.

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In the present scenario, where fast fashion brands are stepping up every day to meet the market demands, sustainability is the only way to foster mindful consumerism and the welfare of our planet.

Fashion trends from tropical Asia are all about amalgamation and adaptation of various places, people, and cultures, eventually creating a wider scope that emphasizes an extensive list of possibilities for a better future of fashion.



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